We offer several different methods at DKY



Naked Weave 

Our hair is 100% human hair (Russian) double drawn, and our individual strands weigh 1g per strand the hair and is guaranteed 12+ months*

Important :  you must ensure that the right after care is used! This is a priority to ensure the longevity of the hair. 

Colours :  Both  solid colours and mixed are available. 

Costs : DKY offers complimentary consultations in order to  price the hair accurately . 

Maintenances : 

Nano has to be removed and re-placed back in every 3 months. 

  Micro is pushed up every 6-8 wks 

  Naked weave needs to be completely removed and then replaced back in every 8 wks

Costs : Cost of maintenance can vary this will be discussed during the consultation. 

Lastly each technique is very different in order to get the best match for your particular hair types, our aim is to make the right choice for your hair and lifestyle.