As the Covid pandemic continues we continue to prioritise your health abs safety, please see below the continued precautions we have in place :-

Before you come into the salon :-

We would like to ask all clients that are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 not to come to their appointment.
Our staff have been educated on the symptoms and equally will not be working if they present any.

Coming into the salon :-

Please use our one way system and If you have the first appointment of the day we ask you line up outside on the markers we have set out at 2m intervals.

For all other appointments please wait in your car and when your stylist is ready our reception will call you, at this point please enter the salon via the side door.

When you are greeted we will ask you to place your belongings into a container that will stay beside you for the duration of your appointment.

We will then take your temperature, ask you to sanitise yours hands, lift your PPE pack and follow us to your seat.

We are still legally required to retain information for track and trace so at this point you will be asked to fill out our track and trace information sheet. These sheets will be retained for 21 days

As per  Government Guidelines, all clients will be required to wear a mask whilst in the Salon. You will find your mask in your PPE pack and should you need another at any point please do not hesitate to ask.

Social distancing :-

We have reduced our client chairs from 17 seat to 11, this  means that there will be significantly less clients in the salon and no one sat next to you, this enables us to keep to a 2m distance.

We reassure you that all areas will be sanitised in between client visits and the team will also be changing PPE regularly ageing for your safety.

The government guidelines state that we must wear both a visors and a mask.

*Please note at the basin area we sadly cannot maintain the 2m distance therefore we have fitted perspex between each basins to protect you.

We are aiming in most cases to have 1 person (maximum 2 people work on your hair throughout your appointment).

We have now introduced outside seating where before, during and after your appointment you can enjoy more space.

Doors/windows will be kept open at all times where possible.

Refreshments :-

We will be surging tea/coffee or other refreshments in a paper cup, we ask that you please dispose of this paper cup in the PPE disposal bag found in you PPE pack.

Entertainment :-
Magazines have all been removed but you can still read by using our QR codes for all your major magazines.

Cleanliness :-

Hand sanitiser will be available in every chair and cleaning stations have been set up throughout the salon. We take cleaning very seriously and will be cleaning thoroughly. Each section will be cleaned fully between each service.

You will have a disposable gown and towel, we use regular towels at the basins and assure will be new and not reused on anyone else.

The toilets now have sanitation products set inside for your reassurance you may clean before and after use, snd our team will also be cleaning then regularly thru-out the day.

Lateness :-

As our schedules are so tight and our waiting lists are so big we are sorry to say that anyone over 15 mins late may be turned away. However, as we don’t want to have anyone left without an appointments we will, where possible, offer a smaller service that fits in the time frame left.

Being early :-

We ask you to only enter our salon when reception confirms with you that your stylist is ready, if you are early please give reception a call and see if your stylist is available.

General rules :-

No other person is to come with you on your appointment. This includes babies and children sadly.

We will wait to cross on the stairs so as not to come into close contact.

Retail :-

We would really appreciate if you would buy your retail from us, rather than online to support us moving forward. If you don’t want to do this, please don’t feel pressured- we appreciate your custom non the less.
We will be selling retail as usual.

Payment :-

We will be operating normal payment via the card machine, however this will be disinfected after each use with our reception team. We welcome you to approach reception, as we have perspex shields in place.

As we are using a one way system you will leave via the front area this avoid congestion at reception, we accept all payments methods but would prefer card at this time.

Please be mindful, if the reception looks crowded.

For more information :-

Our appointed health and safety representative is Karen, but if you have any concerns you can talk to our staff at any point.

Pre appointment etiquette :-

Please answer the following questions ahead of your appointment –

Have you had the recent on set of a new continuous cough?

Do you have a high temperature?

Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?

These following 2 questions are important regarding our patch testing guidelines :-

Have you have Covid 19 within the last 6 months?

Have you had your Covid vaccine?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions we will require you to have a patch test 48hrs prior to your appointment.

We look forward to having you back, we have truly missed you ❤️

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