Wella Trend Vision Awards 2020

Our very own Carmen McCracken wins Silver in the prestigious Wella Trend Vision Awards 2020:

“In 2020 I am proud to say that I won silver for uk and Ireland in The Wella trendvision awards.

With 2020’s pandemic the competition was turned upside down by the arrival of COVID-19, resulting in a new online format of the competition.

This was a great introduction to the competition as it was my first year entering.

When I was waiting at home to see if I had got through to the first round I was so excited as this gave me something to look forward to during lockdown.
When it was finally confirmed that I was as a finalist as we were still off work it gave me lots of time to plan and work on my look for my model.

As soon as we were allowed back into the salon to work again I was able to prepare my model for the final round, we then had a photo shot day in the salon to enter the next round.

Although I did miss all the buzz and excitement of the real competition it was a lot less pressure and I was able to relax and concentrate on my work.

I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to work on a model again in the proper competition setting and push myself for gold the next time.”

Award Winning!

As a team within DKY but also as supporting leaders Laura and Michelle encourage their team to push their boundaries and reach out to achieve their personal and career motivated dreams, “We believe in supporting our teams on their creative journeys and in doing so encourage them to step outside their comfort zones” 

To date we have supported our team in winning both the UK & Ireland Gold Award in 2018 and then more recently UK & Ireland Silver at London’s prestigious Wella Trend Vision Awards 2020. Please see our blog on Carmen McCracken 2020 win. 

In salon training and vardering program


Our Technicians range in abilities from entry level (which occurs after 3 years training leading up to an in-depth vardering exam comprising of up to 15 models demonstrating all areas of hair colour) working up to our Master Colour Experts who have embarked on extensive training programme with our colour partner Wella. 


Following a 3 year in-house training programme with DKY our team then present up to 25 models that is part off  an in-depth vardering exam were upon thru demonstrate all different cutting techniques only after this extensive training programme do they then progress onto the salon floor. 

As a salon we truly believe in advancing our education at all times and are consistently progressing in order to keep up up with our ever changing industry.