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  • Sharjah AL MAMSHA Sewage Treatment Project Located in the Sharjah University City area, the Sharjah AL MAMSHA Community is a high-end community that combines high-end residential, business offices and leisure with high class residential units. After competing with a number of established sewage treatment companies, Jinluo Water won the bid to build the STP of the Community using the advanced patented technology and flexible business model (BOT model) securing the exclusive rights to the project's construction and operation. The total capacity scale of this project is 5700m3/d, in three phases of construction (1000,2000,2700).

    The current phase of 1000m3/d  JL-Z-1000 patented equipment is being installed, is expected to complete all equipment and tank installations within one month, and start the commissioning of the system. The treated effluent water will not only be used for landscaping and irrigation in the community, but also for the later construction of the AL MAMSHA community, which in turn will result in savings and convenience.