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  • Camp 3 is one of the biggest labour camps in Dubai.  It can accommodate more than 15,000 workers at the same time and product 3000m³ sewage daily.  Before the cooperation with JINLUO WATER, the camp was using sewage tankers which was not only high cost, but also led to many environmental issues such as: (smell, noise, sewage leakage and traffic). JINLUO WATER and landlord signed renting contract based on long term renting model in 2017 agreeing on a fixed monthly rate. 2 units JL-Z-1500 patented & integrated sewage treatment system were installed in 2017. The system is running without the emission of any odours, noise and lower surplus sludge production. The solution implementation resulted in solving all previous issues both environmental and economical. Meanwhile, great savings were achieved not only in the disposal feels of the waste water, but also savings were achieved surpassing 50000$/Month on the toilet flushing reused water.

    Based on the excellent environmental and economic performance, Jinluo water has been highly praised and recognized by the client.

    After earning the Client’s trust, another agreement was initiated in 2020 where JINLUO WATER signed STP upgrade contract with the Client, based on the new agreement JINLUO WATER will utilize a small unused land distanced far away from the residential location in the labor camp, adding 2 additional units of JL-Z-1500 sewage treatment equipment. This new system is only used to receive the third-party sewage and charge will be based on quantity (m³). Meanwhile, 3000m³treated sewage effluent (TSE) can be sold out for many uses such as landscaping and construction.  JINLUO model achieves two-way income and win-win situation for both parties.