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    Sludge Process Reduction Activated Sludge (SPRAS)
                              Wastewater Treatment Technology

    Due to the low sludge organic matter content in China, resulting in the promotion of anaerobic digestion technology limited; China's lack of sludge incineration exhaust emission standards, and the burning of the investment, energy dissipation, secondary pollution, making sludge thermal processing technique are favored; the fate of mud cake after sludge dewatering and the market of the products after composting is the bottleneck of the technology which is difficult to promote. Therefore, only from the source to control the maximum extent to reduce sludge production is sustainable and environmentally friendly development direction. Study on the source of sludge reduction technology R & D and reduction mechanism has become the hotspot of research at home and abroad in recent years.

    SPRAS technology is from the source to reduce sludge production technology and if the results get a large number of promotion, can well solve the sewage treatment process of sludge disposal of major technical support problems. At the same time it can well solve the sewage treatment sludge disposal problem. This technique to ensure the normal operation of the regional sewage treatment plant provides important technical support.

         After sand setting process by a set of bar screens, wastewater runs into Aeration Tank A. It then mixes with returning sludge before entering Sedimentation Tank A for liquid-solid separation. Supernatant liquid gets into Anoxic Module, mixes and reacts with mixed nitrification liquid prior to running into SBR Tank; after Aeration process, Precipitation and Sedimentation process in SBR tank, water enters Cyclone Coagulation Low Pulse Sedimentation Tank for chemical phosphorous removal before being discharged. Remaining waste sludge from SBR Tank and Phosphorous Removal Module will flow back to Aeration Tank A.


                                                                                        Process flow chart of SPRAS Technology