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    Jinluo sewage treatment equipment, using suspended sludge filtration technology and the mud water separation technology, gas water separation technology, dissolved oxygen secondary utilization technology; power equipment and pipeline internal; internal equipment no filler, no membrane, without adding the reagent, the effluent can be directly back to the greening, flushing, fire protection, construction etc.; operation without special duty, operation simple, the sewage treatment up to 150m3 for single equipment, it can solve 2000-3000 people living sewage treatment problem.

      Equipment has won a number of patented technologies during the process, and it's has won the "national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project", "China Environmental Protection Industry Association awarded the technical appraisal certificate (the international advanced)", "China environmental protection product certification" and other certificate.

    Sewage was collected in the sump, through grid filter to remove particulate debris. By lifting the hair filter, the water has to enter the main reactor. Through hydrolysis reaction, aeration, sludge, mud water separation, disinfection and other effluent meet the city life miscellaneous water requirements.

    Jinluo sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment is the model for water purification by high concentration of activated sludge compared with the traditional activated sludge method: High concentration activated sludge bioreactor no sludge bulking problem. No sludge discharge (infinite SRT), the reactor can maintain a high concentration of sludge, the nitrifying bacteria completely retained in the bioreactor, the nitration reaction to be carried out smoothly, so it can effectively remove ammonia nitrogen; at the same time, rejection of large organic molecules are difficult to degrade, prolong the retention time of organic matter. Organic matter degradation can be obtained. The maximum reactor application of high concentration activated sludge process COD removal rate was 90%, the effluent suspended solids and turbidity is close to zero, the decolorization effect is good; water quality Good stability, can be used directly to 100%, to achieve the sewage resources.

    Jinluo wastewater treatment equipment used is high concentration activated sludge method. Compared with the traditional sewage treatment has a major breakthrough. Equipment through the patent technology to completed the sewage solid-liquid separation, so as to achieve the final effect of sewage purification. Patent technology can replace traditional process of conventional filtering, complete separation of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge time (SRT), that’s improve the biochemical effect and make the system flexible and stable operation control to obtain the stable high quality effluent.

    Equipment characteristics:

    1.   The Out water had reached the discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002), the water after disinfection can be used for residential green irrigation, road cleaning, car washing, construction, fire, flushing.

    2.   The horizontal equipment only takes an area of 50m2and the tower equipment only takes an area of16m2.

    3.     No need to build urban sewage pipe network, 3 days to achieve point source, non-point source of sewage treatment in situ back to use. Jinluo wastewater integrated equipment also can be directly connected with the urban sewage pipe network.

    4.     Use the patented technology so there have no residual organic sludge produced.

    5.     The use of carbon steel corrosion in the thick steel plate production, strong and durable, the service life of up to 30 years.

    6.     Integrated sewage treatment of all process equipment components are concentrated in the interior equipment and save occupied area of the equipment and installation costs. Internal carrier free, no filler, management and maintenance is convenient, safe and reliable operation, without staff on duty. The plant equipment get the qualified accept and the automatic program control system only open, stop and equipment periodic maintenance, easy operation, simple management and no excess sludge discharge, avoid the secondary pollution.