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  •  Liu Qing River Wastewater Treatment Plant is located 1500 meters southeast of Zheng Jia Zhuang Village, Zao Gou Tou Town. It serves a total population of 100,000 residents and covers Zao Gou Tou Town,Ban Cheng Town and Wang Gou Town. The Plant is connected with sewers of 85.59 kilometers and is a key water pollution control project in Lanshan District, Linyi City. It is also the most important step for the implementation of provincial water pollution prevention strategy.

      SPRAS Waste water Treatment Technology was implemented by this project. The technology has good treatment efficiency especially for the removal of ammonia and nitrogen. The biggest feature of this technology is uncoupling based waste activated sludge (WAS) reduction, which delivers maxim advantage of sludge reduction. The plant’s effluent quality complies with requirements as per National Municipal Pollutants Discharge Standard and reaches Class IA standard. (COD≤50mg/L、NH3-N≤5mg/L、TP≤0.5mg/L),

    Automatic online monitoring device is installed in the water outlet to analysis level of COD, NH4-N, and TP. Meanwhile video monitoring systems are built at key points of the Plant which are connected with the environmental protection departments and construction departments. The Plant has established Contingency Plans to safeguard stable operation and emissions.

        Liu Qing River Wastewater Treatment Plant laid solid foundation for an sustainable economy and made a significant contribution in creating an eco friendly society.