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     Linshu county sewage treatment plant was built in 2005, a design scale of 20 thousand tons / day, serving a population of about 50 thousand people, more than 20 service enterprises, supporting pipe network 24.2 kilometers, is the corbel watershed centralized sewage treatment and sewage reuse project. The core project uses the sludge reduction process, the effluent water quality meets the national 《urban sewage treatment plant pollutant emission standard 》GB 18918-2002 first level standard,residual sludge is less than 10% between the same size sewage treatment plant, sludge reduction effect of more than 90%. Engineering without an increase in sewage under the premise of plant total power, efficient processing and the realization of sewage, sludge stabilization, reduction and system impact load capacity upgrade. Fundamentally completely solve the common concern in today's world the focus of excess sludge reduction problem.