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    Ling'an city sewage treatment plant is located in the upper reaches of the Taihu River Basin and Hangzhou City Tiaoxi Dongtiaoxi river source of drinking water in Qingshan Reservoir, located in Qingshan Reservoir riparian zone, sewage treatment plant design scale of 60 thousand tons / day, emission standards for GB 18918-2002 grade B standards. Ling'an plant sludge disposal project in Ling'an sewage treatment plant the northeast corner of the sewage treatment project objectives: the increase of sludge processing module, to achieve more than 60% residual organic sludge reduction, and improve the capacity of resisting impact load. At the same time, the project increased the denitrifying phosphorus removal system, increase the carbon source of biological treatment, breaking the previous adding carbon source reduce the total nitrogen index of water. So as to avoid two pollution, but also greatly reduces the cost of sewage treatment.
    The scope of implementation of the project is:
    1, the new sludge process treatment system 3 sets, including sludge reduction pool of civil engineering, equipment installation, supporting the pipeline valve works, automatic meter engineering and electrical engineering, etc.;
    2. The original clock Shichen sand pool, water pool allocation transformation, ascend into the sewage treatment plant, water level elevation, to meet the subsequent sludge reduction pool elevation conditions;
    3, on the original bell Shichen sand pool and secondary pool allocation between pipeline, oxidation ditch row mud pipe transformation, increase the oxidation ditch mud system;
    4, to increase the denitrification and denitrification and phosphorus removal system, add 2 hypoxia pool, at the same time increase the sludge reflux and mixed liquid reflux system.
    Since the operation more than a year ago, the normal operation of production, stable effluent, 2014 annual water quality: 30.6 mg / L = CODcR, BOD5 = 10.8mg/l, SS=10mg/l, TP=0.97mg/l, TN=12.6mg/l, NH3-N=1.30mg/l, excess sludge production up by 72%.